We make artisanal perfume, one small batch at a time.

Once upon a time, perfume really meant something. The ingredients were sacred and the scents were mesmerizing. We remember the old formulas with great fondness, and we lament the shift towards aggressive and overly synthetic fragrances. The Virginia Perfume Company is dedicated to the revival of the authentic parfum of days gone by.

Our signature line Field to Fragrance™ celebrates the world's finest olfactory ingredients. If you like vintage perfume from the twentieth century, especially French classics from the 1930s - 1960s, then you will appreciate our old-fashioned elegance. Sourcing ingredients from around the globe, we personally mix all of our perfumes at our studio in Clarke County, Virginia. While our formulas are consistent, there may be subtle differences between batches of perfume due to natural variations in the essential oils that we use --just like vintages of wine.

Are you nostalgic for the perfumes of long ago? Do you seek respite from a globalized world of mass manufacturing? Are you tired of the bombastic fragrance industry? The Virginia Perfume Company makes small quantities of authentic perfume for people who enjoy the smell of real flowers.

I confess. I am a Field to Fragrance addict. I have sampled most of the scents and love them all. But I am the Ruby behind the Ruby scent, so it is my absolute favorite. People comment on it frequently and I have been known to hold my wrists up in the air for all to sniff! And I love giving the scents to friends. They make people so happy. Thank you, Kelly. These are the best fragrances in the world!!

—Ruby Lerner, New York NY

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