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Once upon a time, perfume really meant something. The ingredients were sacred, and the scents were mesmerizing. We remember the old formulas with great fondness, and we lament the shift towards aggressive and overly synthetic fragrances. The Virginia Perfume Company is dedicated to the revival of the authentic parfum of days gone by.

As southerners, we are connoisseurs of the small-batch spirits for which our region is famous. Field to Fragrance® perfume was born of our love for aromatic spirits, farmland, wilderness, artistry, world travels, and old-fashioned elegance.

Here in Clarke County, Virginia we are fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful farms and land in conservation easement. The farm-to-table movement has done wonders for our local economy: small and organic farmers once struggling to compete now have a market for their high-quality produce; and we enjoy their delicious, meaningful food in many of our restaurants.

Which leads us to the origins of Field to Fragrance®: In 2011, our founder and perfumer Kelly Heaton took a class on beekeeping. Disliking pesticides and confident of our plentiful forage, Kelly kept her locally-sourced bees naturally, taking no honey, and assumed that her bees would flourish on their own. Nothing could be further from the truth! Weakened by multiple pests and lacking in pollen, her bees succumbed to the first winter. Kelly realized that, although surrounded by beautiful fields and forests, the common practice of mowing and spraying for "weeds" was seriously hurting pollinators.

 Field to Fragrance®, made in America with the world's finest ingredients

Field to Fragrance® was conceived of this realization. What if landowners could be convinced to mow their fields less, realizing that many "weeds" are critical to pollinators and have legitimate business value? Kelly tested the idea by extracting oils from two plants on her farm: Yarrow and Queen Anne's Lace. The results were simply gorgeous! Here we have two common plants that grow prolifically without human care, provide ecological benefit, and produce oils with a heavenly aroma.

Big dreams take time and effort to realize. Locally crafted oils are not common in our region, and the field-to-fragrance concept has yet to gain widespread attention. We hope to change this for the benefit of pollinators, farmers, and perfumistas alike. If you are a supplier of wild-crafted oils, or a farmer interested in responsible crops for fragrance, please contact us. We would love to work with you. If you are a lover of beautiful, meaningful perfume, we would be honored to have you as a customer.

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