We are makers of real perfume for pleasure and aromatherapy.

The Virginia Perfume Company is a small, family-owned business located in Clarke County, Virginia. High quality essential oils and natural extracts are the principal ingredients of our Field to Fragrance™ line. We use aroma chemistry to enhance natural beauty, but never to cheapen or substitute for the real thing. For this reason, we do not produce diluted versions of our fragrances. One small batch at a time, we strive to provide our customers with the exquisite olfactory experience of real perfume.

The Virginia Perfume Company, with its handcrafted line of Field to Fragrance perfumes, makes sensual scents for all tastes and occasions using the highest quality ingredients, careful chemistry, and elegant execution. I have never worn a fragrance that has inspired the swoons that Neroli (my favorite) does. Put Ace on a man and he MIGHT just channel Cary Grant. Each perfume has its own personality, mood, and effect and they are all complex, clean, and intriguing. Created by artist and scientist Kelly Heaton, every detail of creation and production is mastered, from the mixing to the beautiful packaging. You will smile and breathe deeply when you smell the light whiff of this perfume off your wrist or scarf and so will everyone around you.

— Jennifer Lee, Bluemont VA

About our founder and perfumer, Kelly Heaton

Kelly Heaton is a contemporary artist with a degree in engineering. Kelly began to make her own perfume because she could not find what she wanted in the marketplace. Initially determined to make all-natural products, Kelly discovered that a strictly natural palette lacks the longevity and range of a laboratory-enhanced repertoire. Made from the finest quality natural ingredients and embellished with manmade molecules, our perfumes leverage the best qualities of each: the complexity, beauty, and soul of nature and the enhancing, stabilizing power of scientific innovation.

Fueled by Kelly's passion, our business has grown to provide others with her perfumes. We are not interested in celebrity branding or fashionable hype. We aim to produce real perfume with in a classic, timeless style. We believe that Field to Fragrance™ perfumes are an olfactory treasure and hope that you will agree. 

Thank you for visiting our perfumery. We invite you to come again soon.